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Cool Whip

03 Oct

Cool Whip

Cool Whip
Moving into the #2 contributor spot, Jenny provided this fantastic tub of spotted Cool Whip. If you look close, you can see there are at least three distinct types of mold blossoming on this tasty dish. My favorite is the furry section…

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18 Sep

banana 4
Donna Bramer (Dan’s Mom) sent along this fabulous dark black banana. This tasty fruit morsel was discovered by her friend in the cupboard of a vacated house. I’m particularly curious about the two circles, described by some as “scorch marks.”


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17 Sep

Moldy Pineapples
Tim sent along this image of what he referred to as “pineapples”. In it’s current state, it more closely resembles a pink gelatin. The texture of this substance is most interesting. I hope this Tupperware was disposed of…

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Coffee Filter and Coffee Pot

29 Aug

Coffee Pot

Coffee Filter

Dan (always the great contributor) sent along this set of fallout imagery from an ignored coffee pot. The top image looks like cloud cover on an alien planet from space. Yet.. it is actually a close up on the coffee pot itself. The second more obvious image is of a grey swirling mold in the filter.

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Hot Dog

07 Jul

Moldy Hot Dog
Jenny provided this wonderfully moldy hot dog for our enjoyment. She had bought this at Bad Dawgs but instead of eating it forgot it in the fridge for a number of days. Once realizing it had past… she kept around a bit longer for our enjoyment.

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