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Garlic Pasta

12 Oct


A garlic pasta concoction I occasionally make found itself in the fridge for a bit too long… Dead center is a clump of nasty green mold curdle. This steals the show away from all the black spots distributed throughout this enjoyable pasta dish.

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Hot Dog

07 Jul

Moldy Hot Dog
Jenny provided this wonderfully moldy hot dog for our enjoyment. She had bought this at Bad Dawgs but instead of eating it forgot it in the fridge for a number of days. Once realizing it had past… she kept around a bit longer for our enjoyment.

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Pork With Rice

12 Jun


Dan provided this wonderful meal of pork chops with rice and is that a potato?

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Baby Bottle

15 May

Bottle Mold
Moldy Nipple

We found this bottle in the bottom of a rarely used diaper bag. Fortunately, the bottle hadn’t been washed out. Now we get to enjoy the green and reddish molds that grew brilliantly inside.

We promptly threw this bottle away…

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Steak, Cauliflower, and Pasta

09 May

Steak and Cauliflower

2 month old steak and Cauliflower Capers (cauliflower, mayo, mustard, and cheese)

Moldy Pasta

Mold speckled hamburger helper.

Matt had these items stowed away in the fridge at work… for three weeks. If this wasn’t enough, he then had it on his desk in his office for 5 additional weeks (to speed the molding process). We could smell it through the Tupperware; finally it was time to take the picture.

The real mistake though, was opening it for the photos. Matt and I both nearly vomited, gagging multiple times. The entire office was suddenly filled with the putrid stench of rotten meat.

Oddly, Cliff thought it smelled like pumpkins…

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