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Dr Yan’s Rotting Food Time Lapse

27 Sep

Justin sent along this fantastic time lapse of rotting food. This comes from a BBC series called Bang Goes the Theory

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Mandarin Oranges

24 Oct

mandarin oranges
Canned mandarin oranges sat in their own sauce for a bit too long. Apparently they landed at the back of Dan’s fridge, where all good foods go to die. The mold here is like carpet, a thick layer on top of the otherwise normal looking oranges.

orange, oranges, carpet, mold, moldy, mandarin oranges, sauce, fruit

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Brown Orange

10 Oct

Anderson's Bag


Jenny showed up at my house with an Anderson’s Bakery bag with an exciting surprise inside. Fortunate for readers, this was not a sweet treat but rather this brown orange with a frightening black spot of mold looking like a cigarette burn on top. Thankfully this remained in it’s zip-lock bag…
anderson’s bakery, bag, black, brown, fruit, mold, orange

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Coated Strawberry

05 Oct

The first repeat fruit, the strawberry, rears it’s furry head once again, this time from my fridge. Most surprising in this case is the single molded berry looking like it’s frosted with a white creamy substance. In the background you can enjoy all the rest of the mold free aged strawberries…

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18 Sep

banana 4
Donna Bramer (Dan’s Mom) sent along this fabulous dark black banana. This tasty fruit morsel was discovered by her friend in the cupboard of a vacated house. I’m particularly curious about the two circles, described by some as “scorch marks.”


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