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Wheat Roll

28 Jun


Another contribution from Dan, this wheat roll is encrusted in a green powdery looking mold. The texture grabbed by the macro in this image is spectacular.

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26 Jun

beer mold

This bottle stayed in Dan’s possession long enough to develop small curdles of mold right at the bottom. A lovely amount of disgusting.

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Whole Wheat Bread

25 Jun

Whole Wheat

This loaf of wheat bread hung around in a drawer for a bit too long… In turn it gained a yellow filmy mold coating both bread and bag.

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Furry Berries

17 Jun



A grey and white mold grows on these strawberries. Fantastic contrasts of green and red.

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Pork With Rice

12 Jun


Dan provided this wonderful meal of pork chops with rice and is that a potato?

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