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Fuzzy Mint

25 May

Fuzzy MintI had purchased a bunch of mint to make mohitos. Unfortunately I don’t drink enough fast enough and ended up with fuzzy green mint leaves.

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Baby Bottle

15 May

Bottle Mold
Moldy Nipple

We found this bottle in the bottom of a rarely used diaper bag. Fortunately, the bottle hadn’t been washed out. Now we get to enjoy the green and reddish molds that grew brilliantly inside.

We promptly threw this bottle away…

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14 May


Dan sent along these wonderful moldy red grapes. They are much closer to a dark purple in color with only a red tint. Each appears to be full of a creamy white puss like mold. One is oozing an even more disgusting green substance.

Dan assured us that these grapes are not on their way to wine…

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11 May

Moldy Hot Dog Rolls
Green Hot Dog Rolls

Tim sent along this great shot of a nearly full package of hot dog rolls in a stunning green.

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10 May

Wizzled Lemon
Puckered Lemon

This lemon hid in the back of my fridge for far longer than I could even keep track of. I can remember seeing it rolling about on multiple occasions, never seeming to actually develop mold. It did get all puckered and wrinkly, so I’m calling that close enough.

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