Dr Yan’s Rotting Food Time Lapse

27 Sep

Justin sent along this fantastic time lapse of rotting food. This comes from a BBC series called Bang Goes the Theory

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24 Jun

Red Bell Pepper

Egg Plant


Yellow Onion

Onion-yellow mold view

Blue Mold

month-old mold

Raw sugar covered with mold




Waffle Mold

Purple Rice

Purple Mold


Norwegian Green Mold Cheddar



24 Jun

Mushroom Soup

Mike shot this

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Mandarin Oranges

24 Oct

mandarin oranges
Canned mandarin oranges sat in their own sauce for a bit too long. Apparently they landed at the back of Dan’s fridge, where all good foods go to die. The mold here is like carpet, a thick layer on top of the otherwise normal looking oranges.

orange, oranges, carpet, mold, moldy, mandarin oranges, sauce, fruit

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Coffee Goodness

19 Oct

Coffee Cup

Travel Mug

Adam passed along these two amazing coffee related mold incidents. The first is from his coffee cup, the second from a travel mug. I hate to think that he probably washed and continued using both…

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